Black & Gold Pet Urn

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Item Specifications:
Questions: What size urn do I need for my pet?
Answer: The appropriate urn size is calculated this way:
10" Urn = for Large Pets weighing over 86 pounds
7" Urn = for Medium Pets weighing 35 to 85 pounds
6" Urn = for Small Pets weighing up to 34 pounds
3" Urn = Keepsake Urn 
A small quantity of pet ashes will fit in a keepsake urn". Keepsake urns are distributed amongst closest of family and friends - as a memento of your beloved pet.

Details - Pet Urn Series #515 in Black & Gold:
Made of Genuine Brass, each urn in this grouping is hand engraved.
The artistic carvings achieve old world charm plus artistic elegance.
The blending of black & gold colors in this urn, creates contrast and subdued color tones appropriate for use as a memorial urn.
The screw-on top lid is securely threaded to make it heavy duty and permanent.
Felt bottom prevents accidental scratching of any surface.
No maintenance required...use merely a feather duster to clean.

Limited Time Offer:
Any size pet urn in this series is packed in a gorgeous burgundy velvet case. It is our gift to you, and can be used to display, travel, or to store the urn. We are offering it free in the color shown in the photo. The case is valued at $40.00.