BlackGrain Marble Rectangle Urn

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Adult Size:
Genuine Marble
Height: 7 1/4"
Width: 10 1/2"
Depth: 8 1/2"
Cubic Inches: 210

Urn Medallion #58 and traditional keepsake urn are additional options that can be added. See the Related Products section below.

Made of Genuine Marble, this Adult Urn and also matching Mini Keepsake Urn are made from the finest of top grade imported marble available. The urn's design is Classic, and it's attention to detail is outstanding - categorizing it as upgraded craftsmanship. The BlackGrain Color with natural grain work is perfect for either male or female.  Underneath the urn, the base area is lined with soft felt, eliminating any chance of scratching even the most delicate of surfaces.

Urn is designed to be bottom loaded. This means, a bag with ashes is inserted from underneath base area - by simply unscrewing bottom loader. As a result, application of epoxy glue is not required to seal bottom closed.
This new bottom load feature is easier, neater, and smarter.