5 Things to Know About Cremation Urns

Posted by Cremation Urn Factory on Mar 5th 2020

A traditional casket burial is a relatively expensive option, as compared to cremation. Not just this, but it doesn’t allow family members or companions to hold onto a piece of their loved one, thus completely detaching their presence and aura from their lives. Cremated remains are housed within cremation urns, which can then be kept with a house, a church, a columbarium or can even be buried to help the family cherish and celebrate the life of a past soul.

Certain people prefer choosing marble urns due to the regal touch and durability they espouse, while some on the other hand, choose to opt for a military urn to honor and pay tribute to the services carried out by a beloved for the country. These urns become a symbol of patriotism; valor displayed, sheer love or simply a hallmark of a long-lasting connection with the past soul. Anyhow, before reaching any decision, it is important to read through and understand the following pointers, as they help individuals choose the best possible option for the soul of their cherished one.

  • Cremation Is Considered Environmentally- Friendly

The traditional funeral industry creates a huge carbon footprint, as wood, steel and concrete are extensively used for burial vaults. Moreover, digging into the ground by utilizing heavy equipment or using up huge pieces of land for burials that can be used for other purposes, leads to the inefficient usage of resources. On the contrasting end, cremation is a greener and cleaner option, as the emissions produced due to burning the body, is comparatively less than one produced during the whole lifecycle of a traditional burying process.

  • Cremation Is Relatively Affordable

As compared to the traditional burying method, cremation is a relatively affordable option. With the fast escalating costs of a cemetery, a funeral, a casket, funeral services, the memorial services or a reception, it doesn’t take a genius to figure how expensive the entire process is. This coupled with a fast dwindling economy and individuals surviving on a fixed income, the route of going ahead with a cremation seems more plausible.

  • Cremation Allows A Greater Margin For Personalization

Each individual prefers to engrave their keepsake cremation urns with a high degree of personalization, as it is a feature that enables them to forge a connection or feel a bond. While many people may think scattering ashes is a way to pay tribute to a beloved, however, getting a custom urn is a perfect tribute to pay, as it creates personal memorabilia that each member can see, feel and remember.

  • Cremation Urns Are Portable

Due to how mobile our societies have become or due to how we all prefer having accessibility, cremation urns are perfect for taking along on a trip or to the house of a family member. Being easily portable, families don’t have to be bound by any space, as they can easily transfer these urns from their churches to their houses or vice versa. In addition to being portable, urns also help keep memories alive, letting members relish past experiences with a sense of remembrance.