Keepsake Urns- Preserve The Memory Eternally

Posted by Cremation Urn Factory on Apr 20th 2020

When a loved one passes away, and they have chosen to cremate, many families decide to keep a part of their remains in an urn for ashes displayed in their house. This is an ideal way of having some representation of their loved ones in their home where they can remain alive in their memories. This is mainly done through keepsake urns, also known as sharing urns, small urns, or miniature urns, which differ primarily in terms of their size from traditional cremation urns.

As the number of people choosing to get cremated increases, so do those people who desire small keepsake urn sets for ashes. Keepsake urns keep the memory of a loved one alive without being a reminder of an overwhelming loss. For many families, the urn helps fill a void and save the drowning grief at bay.

Why Choose Keepsake Urns?

Preserving the memory of a loved one keeps the survivors sane in a time of unimaginable sorrow. It’s a piece of someone they have lost and find comfort in knowing that they are always with them.

You may have seen people hold on to something tangible that reminds them of the people they have lost like clothes, a lock of hair, a photograph, or some other treasured belonging. Similarly, keepsake urn gives people a chance at retaining a piece of the deceased close to themselves.

Another reason for keepsake urn sets is to allow family members an opportunity to share the ashes of their loved ones. This is invaluable in today’s society when loved ones are far apart and scattered all over the world. This way, each family member can keep a part of their loved one and remember them fondly by honoring them in their place of residence.

Keepsake Urns Designs

We offer a variety of designs, handpicked, and of a high-quality standard to choose for the ashes of your loved ones. Crafted in elegant and classy styles in materials such as wood, ceramic, metal, glass, and other sensitive materials, we can guarantee you will find what you are looking for quite easily. You can also find a small urn that is a miniature version of the cremation urn, or you can select unique sets of urns in terms of design and size.

Choosing a design that complements your desired location in your house would feel welcoming and fit the aesthetic vibe of your home. For a rustic feel, consider a wooden urn, or for a more modern placement, a metal urn would be perfect.

Keepsake Urn Sizes

While they are usually smaller than their larger counterparts, the actual size can differ. Many hold between 1 and 3 cubic inches of remains, larger keepsake urns are also available if you so desire. It’ll be easier to choose an urn after determining the amount of cremains you’ll need it for.

The smaller urns provide a more subtle presence in your home and are a comfortable reminder of your loved ones rather than having a larger vessel on display that prompts sadness. While we understand your desire to display your family member’s remains prominently, it may make guests uncomfortable, and so going with something that blends well into the décor would be idyllic.

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but you can find that keepsake urns are special in commemorating their life. These urns serve as their legacy left behind on earth to let you know that they will be with you forever in spirit. Its small solace but a powerful one. Let us help you in preserving the memories of those you have lost in a way that celebrates their life and their connection with you.