Brass Memorial Cremation Set

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Product Specifications:
Hand Engraved Brass Memorial Set
Height: 11 1/2"
Width: 7 3/4"
Cubic Inches: 205
Candlesticks: 7 1/2"
All items with Felt Base
Includes Velvet Case

This 4- Piece Memorial Set is Solid Brass! Set includes Solid Brass Cremation Urn, pair of Matching Solid Brass Candlesticks plus a Velvet Case perfect for storage, display, and/or travel.

For centuries, lighting a candle memorializing the departed has been a tradition observed and practiced worldwide. On the annual anniversary or birthday of the departed, close family and friends gather to light the candlesticks, and read from the memorial prayer card - included. This ceremony offers an opportunity to recollect fond memories of the departed, giving comfort to all, renewing feelings of love - as stories of past are recanted together in front of the candlesticks which are displayed alongside the urn. Reciting the Memorial Prayer Card - enclosed - on the anniversary or birthday of the departed, rekindles the feelings of loss and love, and demonstrates the never-ending link to the departed, in a designated area at home. When displayed, the 4-pc cremation/memorial set looks majestic, as it rests on shelf or mantle. The bottoms are all lined with soft felt, thus eliminating any possibility of scratching even the most delicate of surfaces.