Silver Eagle Baroque Urn

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Adult Size:
Silver/Green etching
Solid Brass
Felt Base
Height: 11 3/4"
Width: 7"
Cubic Inches: 225

Made of Genuine Brass, the Silver Eagle design has a two-tone silver/green finish, and is entirely hand engraved. The screw-on top lid is threaded to make it heavy duty and secure. The urn is entirely maintenance-free...use merely a feather duster to clean.

Optional Urn Medallion #43 matches this Eagle Urn. View it in the Related Products section below or see the Personalize section of the website.

Limited Time Offer:
The velvet case is our gift to you, and can be used to display, travel, or store the urn. We are offering it FREE, while they last, in either blue or green. Velvet case can also be used to store personal memorabilia - it is valued at $40.00.